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Now that the travel industry is awakening, those much-anticipated dream destinations finally feel possible. For those who are thinking of a trip to the Great White Continent of Antarctica, choosing the right ship is an important consideration as it will define your overall experience.

The best way to immerse yourself in the Antarctic experience is aboard an authentic expedition ship. Different from traditional cruise ships, expedition vessels are much smaller and allow travelers to not just get closer to the continent, but to actually travel into and set foot on the glacial landscapes that make it so famous. Larger ships that do quick cruise-by’s, providing only glimpses of Antarctica, often carry upward of 500 – 2,000 passengers. Alternatively, expedition ships carry less than 200 passengers, averaging 2-3 off-ship experiences a day. No need to be afraid of the word ‘expedition’ when describing your vessel. Modern expedition ships have been introduced in recent years that provide luxurious suites, spa/fitness center, multiple dining options and more. However, choosing the right ship is not the only important decision when making your selection, but the company operating it should be another high priority.

Antarctica, like many pristine destinations on Earth, have strict regulations for visitors. Additionally, weather conditions such as ice and wind play a large role when accessing the Continent. Choosing a Polar provider or specialist will guarantee your chance to experience the Continent to the fullest. Quark Expeditions, the Leader in Polar Adventures, has been exclusively operating in the Arctic and Antarctica for three decades. Quark’s entire fleet of purpose-built ships are all under 200 passengers and equipped with most experienced Expedition Leaders and Guides in the industry. The average team member has participated in over 200 Expeditions!

Quark Expeditions has recently launched the game-changing expedition ship Ultramarine; designed to go beyond the familiar in polar exploration, to discover new places, and to immerse you in the best the region has to offer. Equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, Ultramarine offers the most robust portfolio of adventure activities in the industry, the most spacious suites in its category, breathtaking public spaces, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size. It also features an innovative mix of sustainability features that exceed all industry standards. With all this and more, Ultramarine is set to deliver the ultimate polar expedition experience.

Planning a Polar adventure may seem daunting, but when choosing a specialist like Quark Expeditions, your dream destination is within reach!

Quark Expeditions: The Leader in Polar Adventures